The helicopter experienced some unexpected turbulence

ou are one of five flight crew on a helicopter used to ferry clients to an offshore drilling site. The helicopter experienced some unexpected turbulence and was required to land heavily on a reef surrounding an island. One of the crew is badly injured and losing a lot of blood. There is no one around.The helicopter is filling with water although it will take several hours to sink. There is a large amount of debris washing up on the beach from the helicopter wreckage. Some of it might be salvageable.You remember from a documentary you saw that the majority of rescues take place within the first 24 hours and, if not rescued, people are more at risk of death from dehydration rather than from hunger or exposure.What plans should this group make?What are the benefits of planning in this case?What should the priorities for action be?If a clear plan is not agreed upon, what dangers does this group face?


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