The research term paper assignment

The Research Term Paper Assignment

Social Work 110 requires all students to write a scholarly research term paper on a field of service in the social work profession, in American Psychological Association (APA) format. This assignment is to teach students how to write the annotated bibliography portion of a research paper.

The Annotated BibliographyWhat is an Annotated Bibliography?A bibliography is a list of reference materials that you have used for researching a topic. In APA format it is called “References.” Your bibliography should include at least one book and three scholarly articles. What is the purpose of an Annotated Bibliography?Provides preparation for the research term paper by familiarizing the writer with the current research, trends, and themes related to the topic. Exposes the writer to different resources to assist in analysis and critical thinking. Writing an Annotated BibliographyWrite an Annotated Bibliography for each of the 4 references; this will include one book and three scholarly articles.

Each annotated reference should include these three parts:

A Summary of the main arguments and points of the reference

An Assessment and Evaluation of the reference – Is this a reliable resource? Is this an objectiveresource? Be sure to explain your point of view for each.

A Reflection on how this resource will help you write your research paper (Example: How will it help you understand the field of service? Does the information help cover the topic headings on pages 4-5 of this document?)

An instructor sample of an Annotated Bibliography is located within the “Files” folder.

Annotated Bibliographies will be graded based on the “Summary,” “Assessment and Evaluation,” and “Reflection:” outlined above.

Resources for Writing an Annotated Bibliography (Owl Purdue)


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