Towson University Spotify Digital Streaming Platform Analysis

Choose a specific (manufacturer, model, version, etc.) piece of audio technology that you feel has been important to the last ten or so years of musical development. You may choose an instrument, software, hardware, or anything else that can be defined as an audio technology. The technology itself may be older than ten years, but you should be able to explain how it has affected music of the last ten years.Explain how you think this piece of equipment has affected music and/or audio culture, including supporting details such as corporations, people, artists, songs, albums, organizations, genres, and anything else that is relevant. Be sure to discuss your choice of equipment and why it is important to any culture you consider yourself a part of.

*note, the guidelines address audio technology and music, but it is okay to write about a non-musical technology as long as you can present information of equivalent value.

Topic ideas: AutoTune, DAWs, Bluetooth, software instruments, noise-cancelling headphones, sonography, LRAD, ultrasonic welding, new instruments, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, specific models of synthesizers/electric guitars/MIDI controllers/microphones/drum machines/samplers/etc.


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