University of California Life During Covid 19 Portfolio Reflection

Your Portfolio Reflection will require that you quote your own work and, as you would with any other piece of writing in 39C, support your claims with clear, specific evidence that you take pains to explain to your reader. But this isn’t a normal quarter, and we’re also working to tackle the context that’s been swirling all around of us, perhaps in different ways, for the last ten weeks.

Before you can draft the Reflection itself and quote anything, then, it’ll be helpful to get down some ideas about what your experience has been like in the course, what life has been like during COVID-19, and what assignments stand out as benchmarks (for better or for worse) for you.

With that in mind, you are welcome to brainstorm in any format: on paper and pen, scanned in later; in a mind map, as you did in Week 7; or just in a Word document, uploaded as a whole. Either way, please address these three concerns:

1. First, take 5-10 minutes to answer the question: What was this quarter like for you?

Academic life, personal life, work life– whatever comes to mind is fair game here. How was Spring quarter for you as a UCI student and person in the world?

2. What did you learn in 39C?

Try to think of the specific skills you’ve been working on, and feel free to go beyond the CP and AP (though certainly, you should start there): what skills did you have to employ in Peer Review? In a discussion post? In source gathering? As you tried to integrate that source material and present it all in your own way? In your discussions with peers and/or Office Hours?

3. What helped you learn those skills?

Here, you should name specific assignments. Aim for ten or more, and be specific about which skills those assignments helped you develop. (Ten is the ambitious number meant to help you get to 7-10 Artifacts in the Portfolio itself!)

Finally, in 250+ words, describe howthese specific assignments helped you build which specific skills from your list. Feel free to describe any challenges you met along the way, too: do you remember feeling frustrated? triumphant? content with your performance? unsure, but hopeful? And how did you translate that work in smaller assignments to your work in the major assignments? (or from draft to draft?)

There are no right or wrong answers in the Reflective Introduction. I don’t expect everyone to have experienced every assignment the same way, and given the circumstances, you may end up with fewer than 10 assignments, or with more to say about your out-of-school situations than you do your in-class work– that’s all fine. This is a low-stakes assignment meant to help you get some ideas down for the Portfolio Reflection, and you’re not expected to use everything you develop here in the Reflection.

However, it is intended to help, and with that in mind, I encourage you to be honest as well as detailed and clear.


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