University of California San Diego COVID19 and Consumerism Pictogram

To Do:

read the Right to the City

Read any news related to COVID-19 and consumerism

Do a pictogram, picto-poem or labelled drawing as the one below that includes the following words: Covid-19; lock down; pandemia; the new servant classes; the right to the city; consumers; citizens; consumer-citzens; no spaces; no jobs; no choice; no space; malls, gentrification; corporate control; branding; uneven development; informal economy; the working urban poor; anti-consumerism; gentrification. Use the computer or take paper and pencil, snap a picture and post your pictogram, pictopoem of labelled drawing. Be creative!!! Accompany your pictogram with a quote from The Right to the City Manifesto AND words from a news related to Covid-19 and consumerism. Have fun and think through the concepts!!!


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