Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin And Picasso Artworks Analysis


I need help with my assignment. My assignment requirements are listed below. I would like to choose Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Picasso as my artists for my first 3 artists.

Part 1:

Select three of the artists listed below (note that there are two separate Matisse topics), provide a few sentences covering the following:Describe how the artists used color, shape, and line in their artwork.Explain what the artists were attempting to do with their artwork.Select a specific art piece from the artist, either from the text or online. Provide title and page number or give a link/address.How does your selected piece illustrate its representative style? Be specific enough to make it clear you understand the style. It is not just “Post-Impressionism.”


Select three (3) of the artists listed below.Henri de Toulouse-LautrecPaul CezanneGeorges SeuratVincent van GoghPaul GauguinPicasso (Blue Period)

Part 2:

Select three (3) artists from the following Expressionists and provide the same information as above.Ernst Ludwig KirchnerEmile NoldeWassily KandinskyFranz MarcKathe Kollwitz

This means you will be writing about six (6) artists in total. There is no specific word count as long as you cover the required information.


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