What are the phases that your college education

Case Study: A “College Education Completion” MethodologyGiven that you are reading this book, you are probably a college student working on a degree. Think about completing college as a project – a big project lasting many years and costing more than you might want to admit. Some students do a better job managing their college completion project than others. Many fail entirely (certainly not you), and most complete college late and way over budget (again, certainly not you).As with any other project, to be successful, you need to follow some sort of “college education completion” to methodology – that is, a comprehensive set of guidelines for completing activities and tasks from the beginning of planning for college through to the successful completion.1. What are the phases that your college education completion life cycle might have?2. What are some of the activities included with each phase?3. What are some of the techniques you might use to help complete those activities?4. What models might you create? Differentiate the models you create to get you through college from those that help you plan and control the process of completing college.5. What are some of the tools you might use to help you complete the models?Answers will vary.One approach involves planning for going to college, analyzing the requirement for what you want out of college, designing a specific program of study, and implementing the schedule and completing the classes for the program of study until college is complete. Another approach is to make up more specific phases: getting in, moving away from home, meeting new friends, deciding on a major, establishing a social life, completing courses, planning for the job hunt, hunting for a job, participating in final graduation activities (social and academic), and moving on after graduation. Remember: Technique: A strategy or guidelines for getting an activity or task completed. Model: Something created as an outcome of a task or an activity. Tool: Something that is used by the technique to create the model.must be original and free of plagiarism No more than 1-2 pages needed.


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