your readings for the week, “27 Psychological

Question 1One of your readings for the week, “27 Psychological Reasons Good People Do Bad Things”, looks at a number of examples where arguably good people are faced with challenging ethical situations and take perhaps a less than ethical stance in reaction thereto. For this activity you are to select 3 of the examples and discuss whether you agree or disagree with the outcome or conclusion. In your discussion I want you to make the most compelling arguments you can to convince and persuade me that your point of view is the correct one. Is there anything in your value system that leads you to your point of view?Question #2: Whistle-blowing: Harder Than It Looks?R.U. Kidding, the comptroller for Rocket Man Enterprises, a government defense contractor, has a delicate ethical issue on his hands. In the course of his employment, Kidding has uncovered evidence that seems to indicate that Rocket Man has been overbilling the government for a weapons system project. Under its contract with the government, Rocket Man was supposed to calculate its hourly rate with a formula dividing charges between the more expensive work done directly in their offices and the less costly hourly labor performed by subcontractors. What Rocket Man did was simple: they billed subcontractor work at the higher in-house rate.R.U. Kidding, realizing that the weapons system project is the lifeblood of Rocket Man, is at a loss as to what he should do with the information he has uncovered. On the one hand he feels he has a duty to bring this wrongdoing to light. After all, he reasons, there is the greater public interest and common good to consider. On the other hand, the project is so critical to the financial future of the Company that the disclosure of wrongdoing could be devastating for the Company and its employees, many of whom are R.U.’s colleagues and friends. If you were in R.U.’s shoes, what would you do and why?


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